DHR Marine

DHR offers state-of-the-art range of products for professional marine vessels and recreational boating. By visiting this section of the website more detailed information can be found on navigation lights, signalling lights, searchlights and acoustic signalling equipment. With a focus on research, design and production, we have built up an extensive knowledge. We continuously improve our range of products to meet highest international standards in order to guarantee safety in all weather conditions.

DHR Decorative

Originating from ship's laterns being used in the past, DHR offers nowadays nautical lights for decorative purposes. Made from copper, brass or stainless steel, the classic marine lights and oil lamps produced by DHR are the perfect solution to bring the ambiance to a higher level in any home interior or garden. Manufactured with craftsmanship, the family-owned company Den Haan Rotterdam is proud to produce its products in Holland. Curious about our oil lamps and other decorative products? Please enter this part of the website to discover more. 


A Family Company

Den Haan Rotterdam (DHR) is a family company established in 1922. Which started as a small tinsmith, it has evolved to a world-wide known developer and manufacturer of navigation lights, marine searchlights and acoustic signalling equipment. On top of this, DHR designs and produces a wide range of decorative nautical lamps made from copper, brass and stainless steel. The origin ofthese products can be traced back to the nautical lighting equipment used in the early days.
With the recently completed succession, the fourth generation has the duty and privilege to prepare DHR for a sustainable growth and a fruitful future. With the efforts and support of its employees, suppliers and other important partners, DHR strives to be best-in-class in the field marine lighting and signalling. It is our believe that we can achieve this goal by having a long-term view with win-win situations for all involved parties. 

Contact us

In case of any questions about our company, its products or solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Den Haan Rotterdam

Fascinatio Boulevard 1182 – 2909 VA Capelle a/d IJssel



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+31 (0)10 41 30 755

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+31 (0)10 41 35 487

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