Burner 15''' Odin

Burner 15''' Odin

The 15''' Odin burner is a brass round burner (kosmos) with a flamespreader. It is a specially designed burner. Burners with flamespreaders are different. Due to the shape of the flame it requires a different chimney, so the flames and airflow are just right. Therefore you cannot use the glass chimneys of the 15''' burner on regular round burners. This applies to the flamespreader as well, it cannot be placed on a regular round burner. 



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Gallery Ø52mm

Cotton wick
15''' x 230mm (65x 230mm)

Glass chimney
15''' x 210mm, bottom Ø52mm

Suitable for models:
Clipper lamp, Boatswain lamp

Suitable for article codes: 
8207/O, 8204/O

For more details check the spare parts guide in the downloads section.




  Spare parts guide  


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