Icon navigation lights
Navigation lights

Navigation lights with LED or incandescent bulb for safety at sea. 

icon signalling light
Signalling lights

Marine signalling lights, for general signalling purposes, flashing or continuously burning.  

icon searchlights

Marine searchlights with narrow, normal or wide beams for all types of vessels.

icon Air Horns
Air Horns

Air horns and whistles for the maritime industry

Accessoires icon

Binnacles, daylight shapes, ventilators and more.

Spare parts icon
Spare parts

Spare parts for DHR marine products.

Advanced maritime signalling solutions

Why choose DHR

Den Haan Rotterdam is the only factory that produces navigation lights, searchlights, signalling lights and air horns In Holland, as well as manufacturing brass and copper oil lamps.
We reached this position by uncompromising standards. We only use high quality materials, which are high precision manufactured for a perfect fit.
Due to their robust design they last a long time and because they are maintenance friendly it is very easy to keep them running and stay safe.

DHR Marine blog

Why you should consider LED searchlights.

05 October 2018

Traditionally, searchlights were manufactured with halogen bulbs, ranging up to 3000 watts.
Duplex navigation lights
Duplex navigation lights

26 October 2015

At DHR we often get questions on whether or not a ship needs Duplex navigation lights.
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