What is Retrofit?

What is Retrofit?

DHR40LED Retrofit

Because of the similarity in use between the DHR35 and the DHR40LED navigation lights, DHR decided to make the DHR40LED compatible with the DHR35 Mounting system. We call it Retrofit. 

This means that the DHR40LED can be screwed on the old base mounting, side or pipe mounting of the DHR35. This way it is not only more cost efficient, because the mounting is much easier, but also ideal if a refit is necessary. It is first screwed in the bayonet fitting and then the tightening ring is screwed back on.

Note that the retrofit is not a complete mounting system, but solely to replace the DHR35. The screw on base, side or pipe mounting is not provided with the Retrofit. If in case of a complete refit or new build a base or side mounting  is desired, the DHR40 Base and Side mounting are available.

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