Burner 14'''

Burner 14'''

Suitable for a range of oil lamps.


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Gallery Ø52mm

Cotton wick
14''' x 230mm (65x230mm)

Glass chimney
14''' x 210 mm, bottom Ø52mm
14''' x 170 mm, bottom Ø52mm

Suitable for models
The 14''' kosmos burner is suitable for:
-Anchor light 8"
-Navigation lanterns 10"
-Globe lamp 10"
-Pantry lamp
-K.P.M. lantern
-Wall lamp
-Table lamp large
-Bracket lamp large
-Galley lamp
-Cabin lamp (Hanging lamp)

Suitable for article codes:
4601/O, 8401/O, 4401/O, 8301R/O, 8301G/O, 4301R/O, 4301G/O, 8701/O, 8877/O, 8801/O, 8807/O, 8816/O, 8825/O, 8878/O, 9878/O, 4878/O, 7878/O, 8209/O

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