Burner 6'''

Burner 6'''


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10''' x 130 mm glass chimney

Gallery Ø34mm
Thread Ø25.1 mm

Cotton wick
6''' x 230mm (35mm x 230mm)

Glass chimney
6''' x 130mm
6''' x 170mm

Suitable models:
The 6''' burner is suitable for:

-Anchorlights 5" & 6" 
-Globe lamp 7"
-Mess lamp
-Small table lamp
-Small bracket wall lamp
-Berth lamp

Suitable for article codes:
8604/O, 8603/O, 8703/O, 4703/O, 8808/O, 8818/O, 8827/O, 8840/O

For more details check the spare parts guide in the download section.





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